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Academy of Health Sciences signed many academic and scientific partnership and collaboration agreements and among them are:



ATA International Holdings

ATA International Holdings is entering a new era as we expand our solutions as well as our footprint throughout Africa and beyond. ATA International Training first started trading in 2008, supplying broad-based training solutions to the mining, construction, oil and gas companies in Africa and the Middle East. We believe in exemplary service and dedication to the highest training standards and that attention to detail is instrumental in providing training solutions to the industry, whether it is at the client’s premises or hosting delegates in South Africa providing full logistical support for the duration of their stay allowing delegates to focus entirely on their academic commitments. How are we expanding? Despite the need to diversify to meet the growing needs of our clients, for us it’s a natural progression from training, which is an integral aspect of the Total Healthcare and Emergency Management Solution. We understand the critical “golden hour” and the need for qualified personnel in key positions with the right systems and equipment in place to save lives..



Journal of Trauma and Rehabilitation

Journal of Trauma and Rehabilitation is a peer reviewed journal that focuses on the advancements in the research of Traumatic sciences and its medical rehabilitation. This Journal considers almost all aspects of research related to trauma sciences, psychiatry and its rehabilitation methods from all countries.

Trauma can be defined as a deep stress and disturbance in humans caused by physical injury or by any mental disorder. To overcome Traumatic stress in patients Rehabilitation must be done. Rehabilitation plays a major role in patients suffering with Traumas. This Journal focuses on how these traumatic injuries can affect a person both physically and mentally.

The Journal mainly focuses on treatment of traumatic brain injuries, psychological trauma, childhood trauma, spinal cord injuries and post-traumatic stress. It also includes the advancements of rehabilitation therapies like physical therapy, dysphagia therapy, hand therapy, infection control, occupational therapy, and speech & language therapy.

All the published articles are available online in open access mode receiving the benefit of worldwide visibility. The Journal follows quality peer review process for standard publication. The Journal also provides an easy access to the author’s towards manuscript tracking during review evaluation and publication in an automated way. The received manuscripts undergo double blind review process by the editorial board members of Journal of Trauma and Rehabilitation. However, approval of at least two independent reviewers and the editor is mandatory to accept the manuscript for citable publication to maintain its quality..




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World University Directory

WORLD UNIVERSITY DIRECTORY is the one and only largest database of world educational institutions with geo data viz Longitude, Latitude, UTM, GPS, Lombard projection, map, etc, thereby enabling the browsers to know to distance between the searched University and the browsers.

CONFERENCE section lists the conferences that are to take place around the world.

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University Directory EU

University Directory is an international online information system available to and involving academic institutions, allowing academics worldwide the opportunity to seek out Higher Education institutions and their courses or job offers in a simple and direct way..

Currently the UD lists more than 50 000 academic institutions (universities, institutes, colleges, etc.) , about 250 000 job offers and about 550 000 subjects, courses, programs and degrees. Approximately 25 000 academics visit the UD daily, viewing circa 100 000 pages..

Since the beginning of the 2011 interested parties have had the opportunity to research courses, degrees, programs and job vacancies at the UD if the institution has published the relevant details..