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We are Excellence in Education, Patient Care, and Research.

Working together, our three schools are uniquely positioned to educate tomorrow's health care providers from many perspectives and disciplines.

Our interprofessional education leads to higher functioning health care teams. The collaborative environment at ACADEMY OF HEALTH SCIENCES breaks down traditional silos of health care learning. Students from different professions work together to reach a common goal: improve patient health outcomes.

With this foundation of collaboration, our graduates are better prepared to function effectively in any team.

You might learn alongside a paramedics student in the emergency room, or a nursing student while shadowing a floor nurse in the hospital. Creating more opportunities for ACADEMY OF HEALTH SCIENCES students to interact with other health care students is one of our top goals.

One thread runs through the diversity of our programs, schools and career paths: a calling to serve patients in life-giving, transformative ways. Ask yourself: why do you seek to become a doctor, pharmacist, nurse or health care administrator? If the answer is to positively impact the lives and health outcomes of people, then you belong here at ACADEMY OF HEALTH SCIENCES.

Congratulations on your decision to apply to ACADEMY OF HEALTH SCIENCES. Our goal is to make the process as clear as possible. From the application to financial aid to program requirements—we are here to help.

All applicants admitted to the Academy of Health Sciences are awarded a stipend, including health care benefits. The cost of tuition and fees is included in the package offered to admit students..