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Fundamental Critical Care Support

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The Fundamental Critical Care Support (FCCS) course prepares non-intensivists to manage critically ill patients for the first 24 hours until transfer or appropriate critical care consultation can be arranged. This course can be licensed and brought to an institution in two ways, through a traditional live, instructor-led course, or an online, instructor-led course.

Participation in, or completion of, this course does not confer any credential, nor does it satisfy any board certification requirement apart from the continuing education credit if offered for it. This course is not intended to replace, override, or conflict with any licensing or credentialing requirements.

  • Course Description
    • Course #1. • Airway Management
      12 Hours
    • Course #2. • Recognition and Assessment of the Seriously Ill Patient
      6 Hours
    • Course #3. • Cardiopulmonary/Cerebral Resuscitation
      8 Hours
    • Course #4. • Monitoring Oxygen Balance and Acid-Base Status
      6 Hours
    • Course #5. • Life-Threatening Infections: Diagnosis and Antimicrobial Therapy Selection
      8 Hours

Traditional Licensed Course: A live, instructor-led, two-day course is the traditional method for delivering the FCCS course. Licensed sites arrange for qualified instructors to deliver the 17 lectures and their related skill stations. Complete slide decks with speaker notes as well as administrative materials and forms are provided to each site. Textbooks are shipped to the site prior to the course dates, allowing learners to prepare for the live activity. The site coordinator administers the pre- and posttests and provides that information to SCCM, which prepares and ships certificates of completion to the site coordinator for distribution. The Fundamentals Sales Team can help sites that have not previously held a course find consultants who will lead the development of FCCS on site. The goal is for individual sites to become self-sustaining in their delivery of the FCCS program.

Online Licensed Course: Using the well-established materials from the traditional, instructor-led course, this format allows sites to more efficiently deliver the didactic educational content and creates flexibility for instructors and learners for the delivery of the hands-on skill stations. Online lectures were prepared by leaders in critical care and are delivered by professional presenters. Using a state-of-the-art online learning management system, participants complete the lecture portion of the course over four weeks. Pre- and posttests assure their mastery of the educational content. Course directors and coordinators can monitor the progress of students in real time through their personalized administrative dashboard. Participants who successfully complete of the online licensed course will receive a certificate of completion. In addition, those learners will receive continuing education (CE)/continuing medical education (CME) from SCCM for their completion of the lecture portion of the program.

Choosing Online vs. Live Course: The instructor-led, online version of this program relieves the instructor of gathering students into a single classroom and providing instruction for the many lectures required for this course. Instead the students receive links to the course hosted in the SCCM Learning Management System, where they automatically receive the pretest, view the lectures and listen to a professionally recorded version of the audio for each chapter, download PDFs of the slides for note-taking, and interact with the program through pop quizzes and other interactive content. Students may leave and return to continue where they left off. The course director views student progress via an online dashboard until the student completes the lectures by taking the posttest. Pre- and posttest scores are provided to both the student and the course director. The course director schedules skill station time for the course. Each student then participates in the hands-on skill stations at the hosting institution. In addition, CE/CME is provided for physicians, nurses, and pharmacists through SCCM for the online modules. Thus, the online version of the course greatly relieves the burden of hosting this program.